Project Description

Price comparison engine – The website scrapes and stores the real time price data of major USA eCommerce sites and products and it then displays price comparison and other analytic data based on that.

Special Features

  • Price comparison of any product across major USA stores like Walmart Amazon Best Buy Tiger Direct Game Stop Drugstore etc
  • Real time data and analytic
  • Price history information of the products for various stores
  • Lowest price graph of the product for 1 week 1 month 3 months and 6 months data
  • Admin can modify price product information add coupon info and can override affiliate Go to Store URLs
  • Admin can create new products on site by just entering the UPC of the product in Search Box. The website then crawls major stores for that product and grabs all the required info.
  • Future plans includes selling the data to other companies via Web services.
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