Project Description

Dyrct | Destination sharing, address finding
  • Dyrct App


DYRCT makes destination sharing, address finding, navigation and trip management simple, fast and accurate.

DYRCT is a mobile, web and cloud-supported platform, supporting a community of user-managed Connected Identities & Points Of Interest which are easily created, saved and shared – opening the way for unlimited social and business applications.

From the simplicity and ease-of-use of ‘one-touch’ navigation interface to the versatility of our Folders, Groups and Logbooks, DYRCT will simplify your life.

Go Dyrct and let your destination find you.


  • Phonebook Sync with contact list

  • POI List and Map View

  • emergency Assistance with current location

  • address sharing and one-touch navigation
  • share your location and Points of Interest
  • decide who you want in the group, add the meeting spot and send
  • Logbook to keep track of all the locations you have been
Dyrct App
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