Project Description

Generation Consultant Ltd. came up with Concept of Online Monitoring and Dispatching Emergency Alarms across US to appropriate FireDepartments to speed up Rescue or emergency services for 911.

It was a Challenge and such a Huge System which need to be first analysed and provide appropriate solution to Customer in terms of their ROI. our company expertise came up with Solution by providing Web site which parses with CAD Rules on the emergency messages received from Calls, Dispatches the same to appropriate FireDepartments/Groups in System and start displaying the message immediately on Command Center Page for that Group. FireFighter then can reply immediately on their Availability to attend the emergency.

Special Features

  • Parse Message on Cad Rules
  • Command Center Page with NodeJS
  • CAD Dispatch
  • Response Check
  • BitBubble page for Visual Representation for Messages
  • Deployed on AWS.
  • Manage Groups
  • Manage Accounts
  • Manage Settings CAD Rules account wise
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