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Exciting Features with Future HTML5 Web Developments in Less Time

With the team of developers at 20thFloor Techease, we offer the best practices in app designing and development in the best quality.
We at 20thFloor Techease can offer an integrated solution for security to address a wide range of business requirements.
Staff at 20thFloor Techease has all the expertise in HTML 5 development to provide customized solutions exactly according to the business needs.
We at 20thFloor Techease strive to delight our clients with our expertise in HTML5 development services making sure whatever they want is delivered.
We use 360 degree user satisfactions solutions for each assigned project. It is going to be a one stop shop for your HTML designing and development needs.
We have hands on experience for designing webpages according to the standard requirements of our clients leaving you an impressively designed website.

Tremendous Service Provider in Development and Designing

20thFloor Techease has a team of highly qualified developers and designers. They have high expertise in the languages that are used to develop any app. Client can hire us for a day or for hourly basis. It all depends on the nature of the task. So you can trust us!

Hyper Text Mark-Up Language 5

It is a fifth version that has been introduced in the market highly used for the structure formation of web. 20thFloor Techease is working on HTML5 from the previous many years successfully.

In terms of HTML5 it’s a combination of HTML and XHTML. 20thFloor Techease has employees its professional to use HTML5 with Java in scripting of the websites. This latest version comes with more compatibility.

We are providing trust worthy facilities in terms of HTML5, no matter it’s a mobile app or for web usage. We keep in mind the needs of the clients while scripting and can’t let down the features of maintenance. 20thFloor Techease is your one stop solution for every Internet based service.

  • Website maintenance
  • Secure websites
  • Specialized team
  • Transparency & collaboration
  • Trust worthy firm
  • Responsive websites

Functionality and Facilities in HTML5 at 20thFloor Techease

  • Website and apps are easy to build and debug with HTML as there is no need for specialized coding, popularized by the developers community as “Lines Reduced, Creativity Increased”.
  • HTML5 animation programs such as Adobe Edge contributes significantly towards building incredible HTML5 websites with spectacular applications.
  • The Canvas option allows the drawing of complex graphics and animations, enabling developers to add videos and images. HTML5 also makes web and apps development cross browser compatible.
  • It supports neat and clear drag and drops, which makes the web development processes easy and efficient in no time. Efficiently implemented techniques help finish HTML5 app development quickly.
  • Key Feature of HTML5 is the “Built in” ability to play audio and video without any external media player plug-ins.
  • HTML5 has Geolocation tagging, which utilizes JavaScript API technology, point of interest in the user’s area, shows the user’s position on the map, assists navigation map, creates local maps and creates social media tags.
  • Other advantages with HTML5 is that it works on all platforms like iOS, Blackberry, Android, Symbian etc. The users can play instant games on their browsers, without any installation obstacles.

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Hire our HTML5 developers to get the power of HTML5 to enhance your online presence in the mobile world to reach more customers and lead generation.

Hiring 20thFloor Techease Means You Get Everything:

  • We are proficient in the development of HTML5.
  • We are working on mobile and web Apps development.
  • We have platform of crossed solutions of those Apps.
  • We offer customized templates to the clients.
  • Our websites are Responsive, won’t take your time.
  • You can get HTML5 supported mobile apps.

I consider myself lucky

I came across 20thFloor Techease for meeting my HTML 5 development needs. I needed a solution that could be according to my business needs and it is never easy to find experts who can actually understand what you want. Their work was satisfying so I rate them 4/5.

Garry Smith , GS Enterprise


What makes 20thFloor different?

We offer best HTML5 Services that include robust designing and development capabilities. We closely work with expert project managers to successfully accomplish each task in time ensuring maximum quality.