20thFloor Payment Tersm and Refund/Exchange Policy

1) Non-Disclosure Statement

Hereby, we declare that any kind of documentation/ report/ project supportive material in soft form/ information/ data will not be disclosed/ handover/ sell/gift to any other third party at any cost. Your own permission or interest of disclosing may be an exception for disclosing it all. Both parties agree towing NDA that were provided by Client.

2) Right-of-Ownership Statement

Client as per agreement solely owns source Code Ownership. Both parties acknowledge and accept this project is Work Made For Hire. All intellectual property, including all Web/graphic design, artwork, etc is the sole property of Client. No unauthorised used will be permitted or allowed. 20thFloor Technologies will deliver source code and any property request by Client at any time without any additional charges. 20thFloor will deliver (ROW) end of contract / project.

3) 20thFloor Refund Policy

A: Funds will release on agreed as per contract which will be acceptable both of parties.
B: 20thFloor Technologies delivery project as agreed, as per contract.
C: If contract or/and project will cancel by 20thFloor Technologies then all pays/funds will be refund to Client.
D: If Client cancels project/contract any stage or/and any reason will pay as agreed full-agreed amount.
E: As agreed both parties Payment/funds will be release as agreed each month/phase or/and milestones define date.
F: As agreed both parties in any issue between both parties can be discuss and resolve mutual understanding but by Client funds/payment cannot be hold.
G: As agreed reference #4 (F) In this case per day 20% will be charge due to late or/and hold the charges and also it will effected on the contract/project by 20thFloor Technologies.
In this case 20thFloor Technologies have fully rights reserved make any kind of decision either cancel the project or stop working/contract. Which will be fully responsibility at Client and as agreed reference #4 (F) will not applied to 20thFloor Technologies.
H: As agreed both parties that after due date maximum 7 working days flexible which is normal business environment due to some reason events/holidays etc… It will be acceptable by 20thFloor Technologies in this case no any kind of late charges will applied by 20thFloor Technologies.
I: Fixed base projects cost will be effected till completion which can be flexible by Client.